November 23, 2020

Episode 10 - The Moa

Hello, everyone, and thank you for your patience while I moved back to the US! In this episode I cover the extinction of the moa. While we think of the moa as a giant bird-and rightly so- it is imperative to realize that there were actually 9 species of moa living on New Zealand when humans first arrived to the islands. What happened that could have brought an entire family down? Find out in this episode!


Editing for this episode was provided by Kalie Shaw. For more information about editing, you can contact her at

Kalie's Demo Reel and Credited Editor Roles


Books: Quest Aotearoa by John Tasker

Moa Browsing Evidence:

Baby Moa Growth Rates:

Wood et al 2008:

Allentoft et al 2014:

Huynen et al 2014:

Other sources:


The cover art for the episode is a recreation of Megalapteryx (Upland Moa) by George Edward Lodge in 1907. Photo via Wikimedia. 


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