October 2, 2020

The Good with the Bad - September 2020

This month, I cover the removal of an invasive species from Hawaii, the destruction of nearly the entire population of Tiehm's Buckwheat in Nevada, and the hard work done to remove invasive predators from a massive area in Australia's Mallee Cliffs National Park in order to restore native species, and an update on the California Condor populations after the wildfires across the western US. 

I was also fortunate enough to speak with Dr. Stephen Ngulu, Head Veterinarian at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya who was kind enough to provide me an update on Najin and Fatu. Eggs were collected from both females last month. The plight of the Northern White Rhino is covered in Episode 5 of the podcast. 

Donate to help restore Big Sur Condor Sanctuary: https://www.ventanaws.org/

Donate to help save the Northern White Rhino: 




Pampas Grass: https://bigislandnow.com/2020/09/23/pampas-grass-eradicated-from-hawaii-island-biisc-reports/

Tiehm's Buckwheat: https://biologicaldiversity.org/w/news/press-releases/more-17000-rare-nevada-wildflowers-destroyed-2020-09-16/?fbclid=IwAR0UEAWUbMIwofwbKAOTjIUDishFOGmPb3oq8IWrN-34zkwWMcNPRNmd60k

Mallee Cliffs National Park (AUS): https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/mallee-cliffs-park-is-now-feral-predator-free-with-zero-feral-cats-and-foxes/

California Condors:



Cover photo of Tiehm's Buckwheat via Wikimedia Commons

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